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Why Video Works

1. Improve Your SEO

Search engines like Google are constantly looking for video, especially now it is linked to YouTube, and together with your targeted keywords greatly improves your chances of being found on the internet by the right people

2. No Static

Boring websites that are too 'wordy' with no clickable interaction are a thing of the past. In the early days the internet was seen as an extension of a book or encyclopedia for information gathering, now it's a sophisticated socially interactive medium with video playing a huge part in both entertaining, informing and driving traffic to your site

3. Make Things Sticky

It's one thing driving customers to your website but what do they do once they get there? Instantly engage potential customers with video to make them stick around for longer and increase average visitor time

4. Your USP in an Instant

You may know what your USP is but it's not always an easy thing to explain unless you can demonstrate what you do and show your audience what you are all about in an instant. Video will get across what you are all about more succinctly and economically and in less time

5. Go Viral

People want to discover, watch, share and comment on video. Often videos go viral through social interaction so your video content can literally spread around the world like a virus in minutes, so don't underestimate the power of sharing

6. Increase Your Conversion Rate

If your videos have done their job then customers will soon be willing to take the next step and fill their basket with your goods or reach out to find out more. Video provides that extra nudge needed to encourage customers to go to checkout or make contact

7. Instill Customer Loyalty

Video can produce an emotional connection with your customer and your brand which makes the audio visual medium a powerful tool and an essential ingredient to include in your marketing strategy. Keep customers coming back for more with 'how to' guides and serialised videos and get them to subscribe to your YouTube channel, like your Facebook page or follow you on Instagram and Twitter

8. Reinforce Brand Identity

We find comfort and reassurance in a logo or brand that we identify with or have had an emotional response to, video reinforces these feelings and can ultimately make your brand grow stronger

9. Minimise Bounce Rate

A bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that hit a page but don't bother to visit any others within the same site. Businesses therefore need to optimise their first impressions whilst reducing points of exit. Put simply one of the most effective ways of doing this, along with keyword integrity, is to use video to attract them to your landing page

10. Create a Call to Action

Ok so you've got customers coming to your site and spending time watching your videos, but then what? Well you need to encourage them to do something. Use 'call to action' tools in your video to prompt a response and invite customers to go to the next step to either call, buy or sign up with you

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