£100 per month

Why commission just one video per year when for an affordable monthly subscription you could get 12 professionally produced videos with our Flex Plan. Publish one every month to generate maximum interest to hook potential clients and get them emotionally invested in your content.  The best way to build up a loyal following and maintain interest in you and what you have to offer is to strategically publish fresh, informative videos to your website and social media platforms on a regular basis and leave the viewer wanting more

Whether it is for a new product launch, a piece to camera, an informative guide, demonstration, time lapse footage or a tour of the premises you can use your 12 videos for whatever you want. Our Flex Plan entitles you to 4 professional half day, single location shoots over the course of a year where we produce 3 videos per shoot.  However depending on what you intend to convey or want us to shoot we leave the timing up to you so, for example, you may need 2 shooting sessions in one month but nothing for another 6 months.  That is fine by us because you have complete flexibility within the 12 month contract period on how you want to use our service

Terms and Conditions apply.  Ask for details