Video is here to stay

In an uncertain world one thing is for sure - video is here to stay. The internet is now much more of a visual and interactive medium than ever before with Google, Facebook and YouTube hungry for video content and social interaction.  It is a proven, highly dynamic tool that not only improves your SEO but attracts customers and keeps them interested in a compelling way.  By regularly uploading high quality video you can build up a loyal following to promote your brand and consolidate your online presence.  Presenting targeted topics with niche areas of your business will keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.


We produce your vision

We take your creative brief, objectives, parameters and ideas and translate them into a shooting script, video shoot and post production edit.  Together we produce your vision within the constraints of time and budget.  Being experienced video producers we know what works so it is important for us to be honest, realistic and stick to an agreed plan of action.


Get creative

We can help you realise your vision but you and your team need to provide us with objectives for the overall campaign, your creative ideas and in some cases a basic narrative or script.  Our expertise lay in video production, media delivery and creatively translating your ideas whilst keeping within your brief and budget.  We work in partnership with you to bring your ideas to life.  For larger projects such as commercials you may need to team up with an advertising agency for inspiration, ideas and to lead a sophistcated campaign.  We then work alongside the agency to put those ideas into production.

Please note: We are a video production company and not a marketing agency, AV company or SEO optimisation service