Do I sign a contract for an annual membership?

Yes, we will send you a contract to read through after our initial consultation.  We need to receive a signed copy before we can proceed.

When does my membership begin?

Your membership actually starts from the first day of filming then for 12 months.

Do I have to renew after it expires?

No not at all, the choice is yours.

Can I purchase just one or two products instead of signing up to a membership?

Yes absolutely.

Is everything all inclusive in the price?

Well it all depends on your project and what you want to achieve.  We can discuss your requirements and explain the breakdown of our costs accordingly.

Do you offer any guarantee?

Yes we always guarantee our work.

Will I be able to carry over an annual membership if I've not used up all of my entitlements by the due date?

Unfortunately not, so please make sure you book in your production dates and get the most out of your 12 month plan.

Do you offer a partial refund if I have not taken all of my entitlements?

No, unfortunately not.

How is the finished product delivered?

By digital download via Dropbox or We Transfer, or physically on a USB or hard drive.

Will it be in High Definition or 4K?

Yes everything is filmed in HD or 4K and is broadcast quality.

Do you supply a sound recordist?

Yes for live recording of a concert and for larger shows we can record multiple tracks and monitor the inputs but in all cases we need to access outputs from the main sound desk


What do you supply?

We can either supply a full kit or use your kit, whichever you prefer. We film the event and record HD or 4K footage. You supply the recording media/hard drives.  Price does not include editing, this can be added for £200 per day.

For Filming only are we responsible for the broadcast and sound?

Yes, you or your AV company will need to supply us with audio XLR feeds to the cameras if you want it recorded onto the hard drive in sync with the footage, unless you have other means of capturing the audio, or we can bring in a sound engineer to do this for you at an additional cost.